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The FUN, Caring Clermont After School Program That Helps Get Ahead in Life.

Ancient Martial Arts meets modern fun for one heck of a powerful program.


We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

We Truly Care About Your Child.

One thing parents love about our program is the level of care we put into it.

We're truly passionate about helping kids grow and accomplish great things.

It starts with our trustworthy staff who picks your child up from school and takes them to our facility where the nonstop fun and learning begin.

Fun & Games Keep Them Smiling & Laughing.

Every part of our program is laced with games and activities that kids LOVE.

We disguise fitness and life skills with activities that make your child smile ear to ear.

After all - these are kids we're dealing with!

We balance out all the movement they get by giving them some beneficial down time so they can rest, read, or study.

And of course - study time lets them work on their school projects.

We also set aside quiet time for your child to study or rest.

Our center instantly transforms from a fun zone to a quiet study room at a moment's notice. (Pretty cool, right?)

That's what our program is all about. Read on to learn more about how we do that.

Martial Arts isn't just 'punches and kicks.' It's lessons on life.

We use martial arts training to help your child GROW.

The challenge involved teaches them about goal setting and working hard to reach your dreams.

The partner exercises teach them social skills, team work, and leadership.

And the fitness helps them stay healthy and strong.

You'll Find The Guidance, Discipline, And Support You Need Right Here. Guaranteed.

If this turns out to not be the right program for you-we'll give you your money back so you can invest in another program to help you with your fitness and health goals.

no risk: 30-day money back